Sunday 22 March 2020

I Have Yet Another Burrset!

The Phoenix 18 Piece Burrset
Jack Krijnen makes beautiful toys! He often makes small toys! He sometimes makes sets of toys. A few months ago on FB, he showed off a particularly gorgeous Burrset. He has called this the Phoenix Burrset.

Absolutely stunning - and really pretty tiny!
This set consists of a set of 45 burr pieces in 3 different woods, a pair of tongs to pull out the pieces and some cards denoting 12 challenges including SuperNova (level 166), Excelsior (level 156), Burrly Sanefor extreme puzzlers (level 151/2) and Tiros (level 150). These are incredibly tough burrs and will be a huge challenge for any burrista - I know that my large copies of SuperNova and Tiros remain unsolved. Each burr piece is 10x10x40mm - it's going to be very fiddly to play with these but with the aid of Burrtools, I shall have some fun!

Several different kinds of wood were used - my copy has a Mahogany and Cedar box with Zebrano, Birch and Amouk burr pieces.