Saturday 23 November 2019

Yet Another Grooved Board Burr! It Might Take Ages

Grooved 6 board burr #4
Yes, Juno has been at it again! I cannot resist these! I lurve 6 piece burrs and board burrs can be particularly interesting. Junichi Yananose has designed and produced the 4th of these in a series and of course, I had to buy it! The difficulty level is supposed to be less than number 3 which was unbelievably difficult but still tougher than number 2. I think this will be a perfect and fascinating challenge!

If you are interested then there are still a good few left on the Pluredro store for sale.

This one could well take me Ages! Burrtools said that when Brian Young put the pieces into Burrtools. This is a unique puzzle - a combination of sequential discovery puzzle and a burr - I ordered this within about 60 seconds of finding out that it was being released. I told Mrs S that it was going to be my birthday present from her this year! She did not give me a Whack! Ouch! thank goodness! There will only be 200 produced and the first 100 sold very quickly. I am not sure whether there will be any more produced - you might want to contact Sue to find out if you want one.