Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Most Moves Ever!

The Sequence Cube
I just received this wonderful 3D printed puzzle from Aleksandr Leontev. This is the Sequence cube and is an N-ary puzzle requiring an ENORMOUS number of moves and a rather complex sequence. I saw it shown off by him on Facebook and asked whether he would make a copy for me. It took a while but after a few months, I got sent this. The details are on puzzlewillbeplayed here.

I am looking forward to spending several weeks getting lost in the solution. The level is:

The extra piece increases the level to a whopping 12,282 for the first piece!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

If The Deliveries Continue She's Going To Murder Me!

It's not my fault! The compulsion is beyond my control! In fact, the beautiful puzzle above wasn't bought by me. Jakub and Jaroslav of Pelikan puzzles make a small run of a puzzle to give away to people who have helped them or been good friends over the previous year. The Aracna looks like 12 piece burr but in reality is a 13 piece puzzle because there is a rather cute spider-shaped piece inside. It was designed by the amazing Alfons Eyckmans and this version is made from Walnut with a Wenge spider inside. Hopefully, I will have time over Xmas to play with it (unfortunately I am working both Xmas eve and Xmas day this year 😢).

Six face
I received a couple more beauties from the Published Professor of Wood, Brian Menold. I have not bought many interlocking puzzles or burrs and have focussed on some packing puzzles recently but decided that I am rubbish at packing so fixed the situation here. Summer is a caged 3 piece puzzle designed by Klaas Jan Damstra and Six face is a variant on a TIC from Andrew Crowell - fabulous woods and fabulous workmanship.

K36 - #12
I couldn't resist it! This is the K36 from Kim Klobucher - a full N-ary puzzle with 36 moves. It's my 3rd Kcube! Just as beautiful as ever!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Some Lovely Gifts

Slim Pyraminx
Grigorusha Pentagon
Siamese Void Pentagons pre-scrambled
My friend Terry decided to thin out his collection - he has decided that he doesn't really enjoy Twisty puzzles and so sent me these rather special goodies. 2 are designs made in 3D printed nylon by Evgeniy Grigorusha and the other is from Tony Fisher and is pre-scrambled for me (I suspect it may stay like that!

Adam and Eve
He also sent me a copy of Adam and Eve which was Rox and George's entry into the IPP design competition 2 years ago. Yes, the apple is actually a red pepper!

Thank you so much Terry - I look forward to playing with them.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Post IPP Bad Behaviour

Just about to be released by Pelikan puzzles
IPP has come and gone and I couldn't be there! In my misery, I consoled myself with browsing for toys and maybe buying a few! I was surreptitious about it to avoid a Whack! Ouch! but then a big box arrived from Jakub! I bought almost everything he has produced.

From the back left:
3D Onat Contrast by Stephan Baumegger
Key Lock by Stephan Baumegger
Rotacube by Lucie Pauwels
Middle row from the left:
Trap R2 by Osanori Yamamoto
Wourie by Alfons Eyckmans
Front row from the left:
Square target by Osanori Yamamoto
Red Cube by Volker Latussek
Shield by Osanori Yamamoto

Also coming in this batch are puzzles that I have already from Stephan Baumegger - Excaliburr and Droid.

Keep an eye out for them - Puzzles from Pelikan sell out quickly.

I also might have received another of my beloved N-ary disentanglement puzzles from my friend Namick Salakhov. This is the Loopary branch puzzle, one of his entries in the design competition.

Loopary Branch
I also couldn't resist another sequential discovery puzzle from Joe Turner - the 6th in his Free me series:

Mrs S also doesn't know about a puzzle coming from Australia - don't tell her until I am at a distance to give me a head start in the race to get away!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

A Recent Splurge

More JCC Disentanglement Puzzles
JCC has been very busy! These new ones have arrived from Wil Strijbos. They are beautifully made and an initial play has revealed that they are pretty tough! They will not be produced in large numbers. They will be available in the future to enthusiastic collectors only. Mrs S is not impressed because they are VERY jingly!

Jerry has been selling some old and new board burrs on his shop - how could I resist. The middle one is a Stainless steel version of Dirty Dozen. Truly fabulous!

Brian Young has released a couple of new sequential discovery puzzles and of course, I could not resist - I bought the tougher of the 2 - the 3 Wise Bolts. The other one I solved in the design competition room at last year's IPP in Paris. You cannot buy just 2 puzzles from I added in a couple of extras for luck. The Kumiki Airlines puzzle was a big hit with Allard so I couldn't resist and Nigel has been encouraging people to get the Mega six burr for years. Nigel is pretty much always right!

Finally (at least I think that is it) I bought a few from Eric Fuller. He seems to have gone mad for packing puzzles recently which are not really my thing but these seemed interesting:

Two [acking puzzles but with an interesting twist to them - they have sliding panels. Despite the similarity, they were designed by different puzzlers. 

Finally, the Combined burr looks look a 6 piece burr but is an interesting interlocking puzzle with some very interesting pieces.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Big Steve Annoys Mrs S

The Tongue Tied Puzzle
I am sure that you have noticed that Allard's blog has had quite a few references to tongue depressors recently, especially when mentioning Big Steve. It began at an MPP when Steve brought along a very large box of them to make rapid-fire stick bombs using the aforementioned medical implement. After that, a Facebook campaign led by an unusually named Chico Banane has led to a sort of war where boxes and boxes of tongue depressors have arrived chez Steve and annoyed Mrs Steve (Nora).

In fits of giggles, I would recount these tales to Mrs S and she was not amused and definitely took the side of Mrs Steve (an alternative Mrs S?) A week or so ago Steve 3D printed his own tongue depressor puzzle which requires the creation of an interlocked symmetrical shape. Lots of us jumped and asked for a copy and Steve decided to use this as a means of off-loading large numbers of his wooden tongue depressor collection to unsuspecting puzzlers...I think a certain Spanish puzzler received quite a lot!

My copy arrived in a surprisingly large box and Mrs S was very suspicious (she recognised the from address). When I opened the box on arriving home from work I immediately hid the contents:

Nicely packaged?
Later that evening, Mrs S somehow found the package and realised that unnecessary tongue depressors had made it into our house!

The puzzle packed in wooden shock absorbers!
Let's just say she gave me a piece of her mind that lasted quite some time! I cowered in the corner and reassured her that it was not my fault and Big Steve had contrived to do this himself. Now if Big Steve ever meets Mrs S again then a very large man will probably be obliterated by a rather small but extremely violent Scottish woman! It's been nice knowing you, Steve! I'll pay my respects alongside Nora at your funeral and drop the spare tongue depressors on your coffin!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Mrs S is going to Whack! Ouch! Me

You should be able to hear the jingling across the Intertubes!
Mr Strijbos sent me an email to show me a few new designs by the great Jean-Claude Constantin. He seems to be experimenting with what is possible using the U wire piece. These are very interesting topologically and allows for some very challenging puzzles. I asked Wil if I could buy them and he responded the way I hoped. These are just prototypes and are not routinely available just now. After JCC has had some feedback, I am certain they will be available quite soon.

I am sure that not only will you be able to hear the jingling but you will almost certainly be able to hear the Whack! Ouch! from Mrs S!

Sunday, 27 May 2018

More Twisty Puzzles to Torture Me

Grilles II cube
Having recently had some success with the latest twisty puzzles from MF8, I noticed a few new ones available for purchase. How could I resist? I was feeling full of confidence when I paced the order but on arrival, I am a little less sure. The Grilles II cube is a mix of a corner turning cube (with an overlapping centre piece plus a 3x3. Here is what it looks like after a few turns:

Just a corner turned through two cuts and a face
It is pretty much against the law to order just one twisty puzzle from China so I also bought the latest skewb - this is the 7x7 Professor skewb:

7x7 Professor Skewb
Even without turning it looks fairly horrific but when it turns (both deep and shallow cuts) plus trivial corner tips, it shows off its complexity:

The Professor Skewb feels very unstable and I am not sure whether it is solvable. Just playing about with it has produced quite a few pops of pieces. We will see when I get a chance to properly play with it.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Mrs S is going to murder me!

There has been a bit of an explosion of new toys arriving here recently and she is not happy. I am hoping to survive long enough to play with them and maybe even write them up for you!

Beauties from Brain Menold
I always try to buy something from Brian when he releases a new batch - the woods are gorgeous and when they include puzzles from two of my favourite designers, Christophe Lohe and Laszlo Kmolnar. We have the Soma tube and the Cubic octahedron which is very reminiscent of Steve Strickland's puzzles.

Allard forced me to!
After Allard's write up of the Kopa puzzle from Endo-san, I had to get a copy. Thank heavens the "puzzle pusher" had them in stock!

These look fun!
There had to be a few new cubes - these are MF8's latest designs!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

I'm also Addicted to Wooden Cubes and Cuboids

Is it Wood Overload?
I absolutely adore wooden puzzles, and wire puzzles, string puzzles, twisty puzzles, plastic puzzles...OMG! A few weeks ago I showed off/reviewed a couple of the interlocking cube designs from my friend Alfons Eyckmans and was astounded to see that he followed up very quickly with a few more designs. They looked stunning and were named after family members of other puzzlers. I don't have any children but I do have cats. I couldn't resist when Alfons offered me the opportunity to name some of the new designs. I named them Zachary and Zebedee after my current 2 Burmese boys and then another was named Zanzibar after the one who died a few years ago...there's definitely a trend there.

I cannot wait to have a play with these. Thank you Alfons for the puzzles and being able to name some.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Upcoming Pelikan Delights

How could I resist?
I received a few fabulous new toys from Jakub - the New Pelikan Workshop will be releasing some beautiful new puzzles very soon. These are stunning.

Back row from the left:
Casino (an amazing and tough packing puzzle)
Spiral Lock

Front row from the left:
Aqua toto
Mini Lock
Neo Saturn

They will also be releasing a copy of Stephan Baumegger's Excaliburr too. 

Keep an eye out for the release (not sure when)

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wood wood wood!

Cross in cross
Box with 2 balls
Kamelle box
After last week's blog post about Brian Menold's store and the trials and tribulations - I could not resist buying a few of his latest releases. These puzzles were designed by 2 of my favourite designers as well. The voices told me to buy them!

Rota cube by Lucie Pauwels
Juha's 10 by Juha Levonen
Finally, I could not resist buying a couple of interlocking cubes from my friend Bernhard Schweitzer. The rota cube is the latest design by the incredibly prolific Lucie Pauwels and Juha's 10 is another in a wonderful series that I have really enjoyed.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Got the latest Hanayama

Hanayama Cast Trinity
My friend Nic Picot sends out fairly regular emails with information about his stock of Hanayama puzzles (he has a great store selling them) and this week he mentioned that he had a few of the new Cast Trinity puzzles for sale with the Japanese version of the packaging. He expects to receive the European version in the next month or so. I couldn't resist and sent him off some PayPal. A couple of days later (whilst I was attending the MPP) I received a nice new toy. It is level 6 on the Hanayama scale so may well prove difficult. It certainly looks fun.

Japanese packaging - "Huzzle"
The European version should be available soon.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

I Had a Small Break From Purchasing

Beauties from Alfons
After my sick time splurge I thought I had better lay off the purchasing for a bit lest Mrs S prevent my recovery with a little murder. After a suitable break of a month and a bit it was time to get some more beauties. I placed an order with the amazing Alfons Eyckmans on New Years day and he took just under a month to make them for me.

The cubes are Anke's cube (L) and Arne's cube (R).
Back 3 are (L to R) Abby's conundrum, Dirty Dozen and Dragonfly 19.
Front 2 are (L to R) Teetotum and Two Keys.

This lot should keep me going for a while - I have definitely lost most of my burr solving skills and am really no good at these now! Hopefully I will manage them without Burrtools.

Yin Yang Puzzle box
Yes I know I don't routinely collect puzzle boxes but when an offer from Robert Yarger comes in I don't question it, I just open my bank account! Another reason to get this is that it is the last creation from the Late Randall Gatewood which was completed by Robert. I don't own anything by Randall and thought I should correct that whilst I can. This box is large and heavy and very beautiful!

Modified version of Coffin's Pieces of Eight
I failed to win most things at the recent Haubrich auction but I did manage to get a rather unusual copy of Coffin's Pieces of eight puzzle. Allard loved his original copy and reviewed it here - when I saw this at auction I couldn't resist and got it for a very reasonable final bid.

Don't tell Mrs S but there might be another parcel in transit from Aaron Wang too.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

I've been remiss by not posting this

Toward the middle of December I had a few wonderful wood deliveries and seem to have failed to post them here. Before we change to 2018 I had better make good.

Wood Wonders collection
Brian Menold has been producing some fabulous toys this year and the last batch proved irresistible to me! This was not helped by being home after surgery but who am I kidding? I'd have bought them anyway! From the left we have Ghidorrah box, Board burr #4 too, Lilliput, Silene and Castle all made from some stunning woods. Thank you my friend they are wonderful as always.

My friend Yavuz Demirrhan also produces the most gorgeous puzzles of his own design. He had been working on these for the previous few weeks and I had to have them in my collection:

Cubozone puzzles
Back row from the left is Oramagomaburamago (yes I know that's a long name - try typing it!) and Transenna (improved). Front row is Snapped burr and Looped nine (this is a packing puzzle in the zebrano box.

I might also have bought a special twisty - Chewie's Sticker shop sells not only stickers but also 3D printed twisty puzzles that are from a standard home 3D printer. I couldn't resist when he had a pre-Xmas sale and bought a copy of the Corona cube which is a face turning and corner turning puzzle. So far I have not had the guts to scramble it yet:

It's gorgeous!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2018 brings lots of new toys for you (and me)!