Sunday 10 May 2020

What Was I Thinking?

Rhombic Tuttminx
I have been watching the increasingly complex twisty releases from Leslie Le and his team at Very Puzzle. My friend Pete had shown off many many of their puzzles and they had frightened me at the same time as intrigued me. Eventually, I could stand it no longer - my lockdown mania (yes, I know I still get out) had caused me to impulsively buy a couple of new twisty toys.

The puzzle above is the Rhombic Tuttminx - it appears to be a combination of rotating pentagonal faces and hexagonal faces. The stickers are absolutely incredible - I am so glad I paid a few extra $ to have them place the stickers for me!

This one seems to have disappeared from their site. It is the CORD - because the axes of rotation match those of the Cube, Octahedron and Rhombic Dodecahedron. I personally can't visualise that - but to me it looks like a spherical transfromation of a cube with rotating faces, corners and edges (you can just about see that in the picture above). I am also not sure that I can solve this one!