Sunday 3 November 2019

Brian Plies Me With Pieces

I cannot resist anything that Brian Menold produces and when he combines with the incredible Andrew Crowell then I am helpless to resist: I bought a few from Brian's recent releases:



Broken Soma

I was only going to buy the 3 TICs (even if the Cluster is not really a TIC as the end result is not a cube) but when I heard that the Broken Soma was a rather special challenge designed by Ken Irvine, I could not resist that either so yet another wonderful toy "fell" into my shopping cart!

Yesterday at the 40th Midlands Puzzle Party I was handed a small package by Big Steve. My good friend and previous IPP exchange partner/boss John Haché had CNC'd a bunch of Yavuz Demirhan's Autobahnkreutz 2 in steel. It's teeny tiny but very cute. I might need to use some tweezers!