Wednesday 27 December 2017

I've been remiss by not posting this

Toward the middle of December I had a few wonderful wood deliveries and seem to have failed to post them here. Before we change to 2018 I had better make good.

Wood Wonders collection
Brian Menold has been producing some fabulous toys this year and the last batch proved irresistible to me! This was not helped by being home after surgery but who am I kidding? I'd have bought them anyway! From the left we have Ghidorrah box, Board burr #4 too, Lilliput, Silene and Castle all made from some stunning woods. Thank you my friend they are wonderful as always.

My friend Yavuz Demirrhan also produces the most gorgeous puzzles of his own design. He had been working on these for the previous few weeks and I had to have them in my collection:

Cubozone puzzles
Back row from the left is Oramagomaburamago (yes I know that's a long name - try typing it!) and Transenna (improved). Front row is Snapped burr and Looped nine (this is a packing puzzle in the zebrano box.

I might also have bought a special twisty - Chewie's Sticker shop sells not only stickers but also 3D printed twisty puzzles that are from a standard home 3D printer. I couldn't resist when he had a pre-Xmas sale and bought a copy of the Corona cube which is a face turning and corner turning puzzle. So far I have not had the guts to scramble it yet:

It's gorgeous!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2018 brings lots of new toys for you (and me)!