Sunday 26 November 2017

I Needed Something to Keep Me Busy!

I blame Derek!
I knew I was going to be off work a while after my surgery so I sort of...had to...couldn't resist going shopping! Derek said the stuff that Juno was producing was brilliant. If Derek said so then I had to didn't I? I got the A Mazing Burr, the Mirii 4x3, Reza 4-4 and Reza 6-8! I have had a quick look at the geometric assembly puzzles and they scare the $%@P out of me! Thanks to Hendrik for providing it for me, his new store is here.

The Bell from Siebenstein Spiele
I had been looking for a Panex puzzle for a while but they always come up at auction for silly prices and I never managed it. I was delighted when Siebenstein Spiele produced a nice wood version with slightly less pieces. I thought it might be a nice variant on a classic N-ary puzzle, The Tower of Hanoi. I was wrong!!! It is MUCH more complex than that and I am a bit lost just now! Nick Baxter has an interesting resource which I am trying to avoid using initially but I am sure I will be forced to give in soon.

Witeden super 3x3x5 cuboids

Witeden super 3x3x4 cuboid
I love cuboids and these were produced a while ago. It was time to catch up and have a fun play. They all look very similar but there are some very important differences between them.