Sunday 27 August 2017

Post IPP arrivals - she's going to kill me!

Just when Mrs S thought that it was safe!

All just gorgeous!
Yesterday I received a few toys bought from Jakub's New Pelikan Workshop - they are to be released very soon and are of course the usual amazing standard:
We have (L to R):
  1. Twisted Cube
  2. Little Dance
  3. Scotsman (tender)
  4. Ultra
  5. Camera
  6. IPP37
  7. Identical Twins
Earlier in the week I received a BIG box from the USA. I had ordered this from the amazing Jerry McFarland when we met at the IPP. It is the Grand Pinhole Cross designed by Stewart Coffin:

A whole lot of pieces!
Jerry sent it flat pack to save on the size of the box and also to give me the full challenge. Allard wrote about his here. There are multiple challenges starting with just making a cube which is a challenge in itself:

The other challenges can be seen here.

Solved the basic puzzle
There might be another delivery on its way from Eric - shhh! Don't tell Mrs S or she may lock me out of the house!!!