Sunday 16 July 2017

Mrs S is Away and Sneaky Deliveries Arrive

2 gorgeous (and large) puzzles from Johan Heyns
Whilst Mrs S was up in Edinburgh visiting her parents (and abandoning me on our 23rd wedding anniversary) I had to pay a ransom to Parcelforce for the various import fees/taxes to allow release of my puzzles bought from Johan Heyns' Intellectualcraft store. The left hand puzzle is an interesting burr called Matrix designed by Émil Áskerli. It looked stunning when Johan showed it off on his Facebook page and I had to have it. Of course I didn't pay any attention to the size and was a bit shocked when a 13.5x13.5x13.5 monster arrived and on the stand (a mark of all of Johan's puzzles) it is 16.5cm high. She's going to murder me when she sees it! The other puzzle is the multi-base N-ary puzzle, Numlock. I bought mine with ternary and quinary pieces but it was also available with septenary and nonary pieces (too expensive for me unfortunately). That one is even bigger and if you never hear from me again then you will know what has happened to me.

John Haché (a good puzzle friend from Canada) and I clubbed together and bought some new toys from Andrei Ivanov's store in Russia. My share of the package was 3 rather stunning puzzles made from Stainless steel - I had seen one of them at the last MPP I had attended where Allard had managed to acquire them too.