Sunday 3 September 2017

Even After My IPP Splurge I Couldn't Resist

Slot Machine
Eric Fuller showed off some new puzzles at IPP after I had already spent all my money. I therefore didn't buy from him then but 2 weeks later he puts them up for sale on his site and I just couldn't stop myself. First I had to buy Slot Machine - John Rausch had been carrying around a 3D printed version and tortured a lot of people with it. He loved the dance of the pieces. He insists that it is best experienced as an assembly puzzle so I will need to get a BT file for it and try and encourage Mrs S to dismantle it for me. Gulp!

Clamped Cube
Eric has produced lots of variants of 6 piece burrs over the years and I just cannot resist them. This one has 2 cube pieces trapped inside.

Worm Cube
I love interlocking solids and, whilst this one doesn't have rotations, Eric says that it is very complex and confusing and therefore I had to have it! At this point I really have run out of money!