Sunday 9 July 2017

Martin Increases the Backlog

From the left: Tangram cube, Clover Octahedron and Redi cube
There have been quite a few new releases recently in the twisty puzzle world and I have drooled over them all in time and promised myself that I will buy them soon. But then those pesky woodworkers keep sidetracking me with their gorgeous productions and I forget what I am after. Luckily, I spend a while (along with my good friend Paul) chatting to Martin Fox, the full time Puzzlestore UK owner, on Facebook and "just for my own benefit" he is keeping track of the puzzles that I have mentioned that I am interested in. Every now and then he reminds me of what's on my list and asks if I am ready to buy. This time I had to wait until after payday and then a nice little box arrived which was of great interest to Zachary but the contents were of interest to me. Zachary got inside the box after I had removed the contents and I now have the above new toys.

I lurve a box! Get the puzzles out of the way.....QUICK!
The Tangram cube is a rather daunting looking puzzle that might well take me some time. I am aware that it is a shape modification of another puzzle but it also has some supercube properties which I don't really know how to deal with.

The Clover Octahedron is the last one in the set of Clover puzzles (I still need to find a copy of the Fracture octahedron) - it goes with the Clover Cube, Clover Dodecahedron and Clover Icosahedron.

The Redi cube is a very simple corner turning twisty designed by the amazing Oskar van Deventer and is very suitable for any young kid or beginner who is just starting with twisty puzzles.

These should be a really fun set of challenges and great additions to the collection. Thanks Martin.