Sunday 18 June 2017

Brian increases my backlog

You know I cannot resist wood
Not only did I buy a whole load of puzzles from Brian a month or so ago and a new set from Eric just a week ago, all of which are contributing to a rather large pile of unsolved puzzles in my study and on the tray next to my chair in the living room. Suddenly Brian has increased his output and I couldn't resist another order. The puzzles were highly recommended to me and.....just LOOK at that wood!

Three new puzzles arrived this week:
  1. On the right is Straight4ward designed by my friend Laszlo Kmolnar who is responsible for a bunch of the very best packing puzzles in the world - this one has 2 solutions one solution without a rotation, then another with a rotation. It should be really fun - it's stunning with a Bocote box and Bloodwood pieces.
  2. In the middle is the Sonneveld cubed burr - I had wanted a copy of this for years but never found one I could afford and then Brian makes them out of gorgeous woods - I chose the Zebrawood frame with East Indian Rosewood pieces. So far I have got nowhere with it.
  3. On the right is a very interesting idea from my friend Christoph Lohe - I said a while back that whenever he has a design produced I would endeavour to buy it because they are just so clever. The aim here is to insert the third complex burr piece into the frame with the other 2 captive ones. The puzzle also has a linear and a rotational solution so double the puzzling for the money! I chose the Ash frame with Mahogany pieces.
All look great! Plus I have more stuff coming from Eric - Mrs S will be most annoyed - YAY!!!