Sunday 7 May 2017

I have a Wood Problem

Carousel Puzzle
I have never owned anything from Kelly Snache but I have played with one or two of his fabulously crafted puzzles at various MPPs. I admired his Carousel puzzle when he showed it off on Facebook and was delighted when he offered to sell me a copy. I don't collect boxes but DO collect wood and DO collect sequential discovery puzzles with a cavity. Kelly was quite tickled by the description and I will stick to it! This requires a sequence of 6 moves to open it - I have not had time to play yet. The craftsmanship is simply superb!

Dispersion and Wheel Lock by Tsy Hung Chein
Y6BB by Yavuz Demirrhan
Chequered Board Burr by Frans de Vreugt
When Brian Menold has an update we all pay attention! I couldn't buy everything he had produced but I cannot resist board burrs and the puzzles from Tsy Hung looked so interesting and very similar in idea to the Galaxy puzzles I had enjoyed before. I had really loved his Castle puzzle which I have reviewed here.

To prove that I am not very bright I also bought a puzzle from Eric's remainder clearance. I bought an SM/24 which I looked at on his discontinued puzzles site and ordered quickly. I loved the colours and the idea of multiple interlocked 6 piece burrs - What I did not realise was that I already had an original copy of this puzzle made by Jerry McFarland in Walnut. The colours had fooled me! I now have one fully assembled and one in pieces!

New - neither have been solved!