Sunday 9 April 2017

The postman has Been Busy

3 Piece Burr Cube
Johan Heyns has been at it again! He showed off some beautiful new creations on his Facebook page and I couldn't resist a purchase. He is trying to make this his full time career and I always try to support a craftsman in need plus the workmanship is fabulous! His on-line shop is now up and running and looks beautiful - prices are very reasonable. The above puzzle is just $55 and comes with a stand. I cannot wait to give it a try.

Exploding Triangles on Stand
He had saved me the exploding triangles coordinate motion puzzle from his last batch and I am delighted to add yet another of his fine Co-mo puzzles to my collection.

Jakub from Pelikan Puzzles is soon to update his site with some new puzzles. There will be the 2 that I featured on my site last week and a new one designed by Klaas Jan Damstra, the Tower puzzle:

 Klaas' designs are always fascinating and this will probably keep me busy for quite some time.

Finally Martin tempted me with some more twisty puzzles! He's a VERY bad influence but at least these puzzles are relatively cheap!

Clover Dodecahedron - I haven't yet managed to solve the Clover cube!
This may stop me in my tracks!

4x4x3 Mixup plus
Wormhole v2
Wormhole v3
Having recently solved the 3x3 Mixup ultimate, I wanted to go back to some puzzles that had frightened me off when they first came out. The cuboid mixup plus looked horrific and the Wormholes have mixup capabilities but also have an inner puzzle visible through the little windows. Great prices from Martin.

I appear to have a bit of a backlog but as long as Mrs S doesn't murder me then I will remain happy. In fact she has encouraged me to clear out part of my study to make more space and has offered me some storage elsewhere in the house. I am not sure what I have done to deserve this!