Sunday 23 November 2014

Simply the best!

We like puzzles! Or is it boxes!
For the last few years I have managed to get hold of a copy of Brian Young's (MrPuzzle) yearly limited edition puzzles. They are usually absolute masterpieces of design and craftsmanship and have a price tag to match. In fact I certainly gulped when I saw the price of those from last year!

The 2013 limited edition puzzles were to commemorate 20 years in the business and thus Brian pulled out all the stops to ensure they were truly something special. In fact there was so much to them that he knew it would take more than a year to get them all done in batches. As a result of this there will be no limited editions for 2014.

Of course, I did not hesitate for even a microsecond and placed my order and deposit and they were all sold in under a day! Even now there is a waiting list for people just in case someone pulls out of the final purchase. I received the email that mine were ready a few weeks ago and after a small (cough!) financial exchange they were posted! Customs took hostage and eventually released them and Katie Koala is finally here and being worked on - I expect it to take weeks or months to complete!

Katie Koala is finally here in Sheffield!
I have no intention of letting her anywhere near the MPP crowd - she is already pregnant (they aim is to help her deliver her Joey, Verne) and apparently terrible things occur to koalas at the MPP:

A Koala porn set!!!
Apparently there is a real problem with Koalas and the transmission of Chlamydia - now we can see why! No protection in use at all here! I hope to post a proper review when the delivery has been performed!

The second limited edition puzzle was supposed to be in the same package as Katie but somehow Brian forgot to pack it up! After I emailed Sue to mention this, she apparently used some very unladylike but very specialised Australian words on him as well as performed nasty tortures upon his person. I did ask that she only hurt him a little bit and do no permanent damage and a week later a rather special burr turned up:

Six of One, Half a Dozen of Another
Truly gorgeous in Western Australian Jarrah with his characteristic routing on the ends, this is definitely NOT a standard six piece burr! I have solved this one and at present it is sitting in pieces by my side! I have a funny feeling that a certain computer program might be needed soon!