Sunday 16 November 2014

I might have got some more toys!

We love the postie too!!!!
It seems to have been ages since I got any new toys and suddenly quite a few have arrived at once!

My boys are often watching for the postman - they seem to like him as much as I do and also seem very interested in what he brings me to play with. 2 boxes arrived on Tuesday. One was a big new stash from Puzzle Master which I will reveal to you all over the coming months and the other came from Calvin Fan of  the HKNowstore (one of the best Twisty puzzle stores there is).

There have been a good few new toys designed and mass produced by the amazing Chinese designers MF8 and Dayan and more are still to come. This package included:

Dayan Gem VIII
Scrambled it very quickly
I just couldn't resist scrambling the Gem VIII straight away!

The Dayan Gem series now has 8 different versions and each has something different to the solve process. I couldn't resist the VIII as it did not look too hard and scrambled it immediately. Luckily for me I was able to solve it quite quickly (within a few hours) using intuition alone and no complex algorithms!

Dayan Gem VI
The Dayan Gem VI looks horrific! There are an awful lot of moving parts and I haven't yet had the courage to scramble it. I think I know how to solve it but need to be more sure of the colour scheme before I throw caution to the wind but also because many of the stickers are very loose and I have needed to spend a fair bit of time with my superglue!!

The Master Pentultimate
I have absolutely no idea how to solve this and have only just stickered it! Then I will need to THINK©!!!