Thursday 27 November 2014

I Can't resist toys from Jean Claude!

Crazy Bottles
At the recent auction organised by Jacques Haubrich, I proved to be less successful than Allard and only managed to get one puzzle but did manage to get it for a very reasonable price. This new one by Jean Claude Constantin is the Crazy Bottles puzzle. The aim is to divide the 22 balls into 2 groups decided by the roll of the dice - using the gates to move them either into a segment that takes 7 balls or the other which takes 12 or by emptying the whole of a section into the store beneath. This is surprisingly difficult - so far I have only managed 1!! Very striking and nicely made as usual.

Wil has been at it again!
Another update from Wil Strijbos did not show any new metal puzzles but these lovelies from JCC were available. The Bi-Nary needed a little remedial work with wood glue but works fine now. It looks particularly confusing! The other one is the N5.