Sunday 19 February 2023

I Couldn't Resist It!

Euroka from Junichi Yananose
When I got an email from Juno's Pluredro site about this and saw that Brian Young had considered it an instantaneous purchase, I couldn't resist it. Mrs S caught me looking at it over my shoulder and gave me the warning look that I had better not. When her attention was elsewhere I did. I really really did and the deliver arrived whilst she was up in Edinburgh visiting the outlaws. I quickly put it on display in my study window and I don't think that she has noticed yet despite it being huge! It is 24cm in diameter. It is made of New Guinea Walnut and PNG Rosewood for the puzzle pieces, and the base is made of Fijian Mahogany. The white small part that has Juno's branding is American Rock Maple.

It certainly looks fabulous on display and I really don't know whether I will ever have the courage to disassemble it. I did remove one of the 30 identical pieces and had a bit of a struggle putting it back in place!

3 of my 4 Pluredro interlocking puzzles