Sunday 11 June 2023

Orbit by DedWood Crafts

When Dee Dixon of DedWood crafts offers up a new toy then I pretty much always immediately jump to his site and hand him a bunch of PayPal!

The Orbit is beautifully made from a vibrant Canarywood and Purpleheart. The aim is to remove the centre piece which has been locked in place. These are still available for sale now so grab one if it interests you.

I have had Walter's radio next to me on my armchair partially solved for quite a few weeks now. I got stuck after the first move and then managed the second one after some discussion with Louis at the MPP - he was trying something that I had not done and I suggested a helpful move to him that allowed him to find the second step. I went home and immediately completed that second step but have gotten stuck again. 

I am rubbish at puzzles!