Sunday 12 September 2021

Jakub and Jaroslav do it Again

Yes, it's that time already! Pelikan puzzles have produced another wonderful batch of puzzles for us to drool over and for me to fail to solve!

Play-girl 2
Yes Alexander Magyarics has been working with funny grids again! Another wonderful packing puzzle with two holes to cover. Made from Pink oak and Wenge, this should be a fun challenge.

Get Trunk 1
Another hangable tray packing puzzle designed by Alex, this will be very special for me - my family connections with elephants makes anything like this very poignant for me. This looks really tough!

Half soma
No Pelikan release is complete without something from Dr Volker Latussek. This is another of his anti-slide puzzles based on the soma cube pieces (this time they have been sliced in half. The aim to fit them into the box so that they hold up and fill the top layer and do not fall down inside. This will be VERY tough as I cannot even put the pieces neatly back in the box again!

Hidden curry no 90
Another by Dr latussek - a packing puzzle with pieces in a tray - tip them out, turn the tray over and start packing - slightly harder that way around!

I suspect I will not break my failing streak on this!

Octopus 33
Another puzzle by Osanori Yamamoto - remove the pieces from the frame - the movement is heavily constrained though!

Turtle is a burr designed by Alfons Eyckmans and, I think, it contains a captive centre piece shaped like a...turtle! This might be rather difficult!

Another fabulous design by Stephan Baumegger - there is a small dragster racer inside which considerably hinder the movement of the pieces. This will be a huge challenge as I have tried the original from Stephan himself and singularly failed to solve it.