Sunday 1 September 2019

She Really Wants to Know How Many More are Coming!

Rex Rosano Perez has sent me a couple more to play with
I received these two beauties a couple of days ago from Rex in the Philipines. The workmanship is stunning and I cannot wait to get playing. These two are Apolaki (the yellow one) and 8th (the black one).

Aleksandr Leontev send me a couple of N-ary puzzles
Aleksandr continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with N-ary puzzles. On the left is Vertical which is based on the Numlock puzzle and requires 14,999 moves to complete. OMG! that is the minimum if I don't get lost and I fully expect to. So far, a quick fiddle has proved to be very confusing! On the right is the "White bow-tie" puzzle which is a two in one ternary and Quinary puzzle requiring 170 and 1251 moves each. I suspect I will start with this one to try and preserve the tattered remnants of my sanity!

JCC has started using new attractive materials
This came from Wil Strijbos and I don't actually know what it is called - if you do know then please let me know.
Last, but definitely, NOT least I bought the latest production from the Two Brass Monkeys whilst at the MPP yesterday. The Nova Plexus is a beautiful new 3D interlocking puzzle which is available in brass and in limited numbers in stainless steel - how could I resist getting both? I can see mirror image constructions side by side. Great packaging too!