Sunday 25 August 2019

Made to Wait....Again!

I ordered puzzles from Brian Menold's recent pre and post-IPP releases because I couldn't resist more TICs and because I couldn't resist the Box Elder and...just BECAUSE! They arrived promptly in the UK and yet again Royal Mail noted their arrival and things just stopped...for 2 weeks! They knew that Her Majesty's Customs and Excise had stolen them but did they update their tracking? Hell no! It took a phone call before I found out that I had to pay a ransom. Luckily it was not too much money (even after the Royal Mail part of the extortion!) How could I resist?

Hat Trick
Hat Trick won a prize in the 2019 IPP design competition for Laszlo Kmolnar (one of my all-time favourite puzzle designers). I can't resist a puzzle by Laszlo and really cannot resist that Box Elder - gorgeous! I've seen on FB that this is a serious challenge.

Another of my favourite designers, Chris Lohe. An offset 6 piece burr it a wonderfully intricate frame. level 23 so a real challenge!

Klaas Jan Damstra always designs fascinating puzzles - Another I cannot resist.

Then there are the TICs - yes Andrew Crowell has been at it again:

PackTIC #6
Made from Orange Agate, Argentine Mesquite, Anigre and Borneo Rosewood.

Made from Cambodian Ormosia, Maple, Pucte and Argentine Mesquite.

MysTIC - sent out with the last piece needing to be placed
Yet again...that Box Elder, along with Redheart and Katalox. Gorgeous!
These should keep me busy a while - I actually haven't finished all the last batch that I bought from Brian.

Yay! More beautiful toys for me and Mrs S received some new shoes so no Whack! Ouch! just yet