Sunday 7 July 2019

I am a Holistic Puzzler - Wood AND Plastic

Juno's latest
Of course, when Juno puts out an update we all pay attention - especially these two puzzles. The Slammed car is a sequential discovery puzzle with multiple steps - the aim is to reveal the contents of the car - I think he is having a dig at me with what he has put inside (even if I have not gotten into the cavity yet). The Grooved board burr number 3 is like the previous 2 but a whole lot more! It looks amazing.

Sequential movement puzzles from Diniar Namdarian
To prove that I pay attention to all the new puzzles, I did buy the latest from Diniar. I am awful at sequential movement puzzles but I do love to try them. The advantage of these is that there are pdf booklets which have multiple challenges for most of them. Wonderful stuff!