Sunday 9 June 2019

Something Totally New To Me

After seeing my friend Nigel rave about the Double Cube on Facebook a month or so ago, I could not resist and after a bit of a search managed to import a copy (plus the Lucky cube which looks like a Yoshimoto cube) - these are made by Hanayama and seem to be limited to the Japanese market - there is almost no English on the packaging or the instruction/challenge booklet.

There are multiple challenges to each to form various shapes - apparently one or two of these challenges are incredibly difficult. This is a totally new challenge for me and I am greatly looking forward to it - hopefully, I can find some time soon.

Most of you will have noticed that Brian and Eric had some updates to their stores recently - I couldn't resist and I bought a few things...much to the disgust of Mrs S.

Penultimate burrset - The challenges are hidden inside
Stand By cube #4
I got my 4th burrset from Eric and am kinda hoping that no more are released plus the Stand by cube is the 4th from Gregory Benedetti (the first 3 were huge fun - reviewed here).

Layer cake - a burr in rings by Jose Diaz
GalacTIC - so tough it was sent out assembled
I lurve gorgeous wood and burrs and even more so, I lurve Turning Interlocking Cubes - the recent update from Brian had 4 of them - I could not resist!

PackTIC #5
PackTIC #7
OMG! I cannot wait to get to these!