Sunday 10 March 2019

A New Metal Puzzle Producer?

3 Gorgeous metal beauties from Jon Keegan
I saw in the last IPP design competition that someone seemed to be trying to emulate my good friend William Strijbos. There were new puzzles entered manufactured beautifully from aluminium. One was very reminiscent of the Angel box and the Pachinko box. I had to have a try at these. After a few emails, some rather eyewatering PayPal changed hands and I received 3 beauties. Not had time to investigate much but they look and feel fabulous. I have to say that Jon's presentation is absolutely fabulous - they arrived in a big well-padded box and each puzzle was also beautifully boxed:

Beautifully presented
These are very complex puzzles - I hope to write a review in due course but need to solve them first - no solution is provided!