Sunday 3 March 2019

4 Deliveries In One Go!

Yes, it's another Stickman!
Mrs S was unimpressed (maybe even slightly miffed) to have to answer the door for 4 deliveries on Friday! The most impressive of them is the Stickman Dwemer puzzlebox - it is huge and beautiful and I have absolutely no idea what do do with that complex mechanism. That should be a lot of fun.

4 Turning Interlocking Cubes from Brian Menold
Andrew Crowell has been designing TICs like they have gone out of fashion and the reports are that they are amazing - I certainly loved the GiganTIC from last year. Brian released another four and sent 3 of them to me in the disassembled state. I am awful at assembly puzzles so this may be a huge challenge.

Stretchy 12 Burr
This is one of Juno's latest which I really could not resist. Stunningly beautiful too.

Coordinate motion puzzles from Lee Krasnow
Lee's Barcode burr and variants that he released recently has been a huge hit - it included a coordinate motion version called the Coordicode burr which I loved. He has gone on to make a whole bunch of other coordinate motion versions and I bought the sets with just 2 cubes. We have the GreenCode burrs (1-4), the CrossCode burrs (1-4), the PurpleCode burr and GoldCode burr. I cannot wait to get stuck into these.

There might be more on its way. Whack! Ouch!