Sunday 22 July 2018

A Recent Splurge

More JCC Disentanglement Puzzles
JCC has been very busy! These new ones have arrived from Wil Strijbos. They are beautifully made and an initial play has revealed that they are pretty tough! They will not be produced in large numbers. They will be available in the future to enthusiastic collectors only. Mrs S is not impressed because they are VERY jingly!

Jerry has been selling some old and new board burrs on his shop - how could I resist. The middle one is a Stainless steel version of Dirty Dozen. Truly fabulous!

Brian Young has released a couple of new sequential discovery puzzles and of course, I could not resist - I bought the tougher of the 2 - the 3 Wise Bolts. The other one I solved in the design competition room at last year's IPP in Paris. You cannot buy just 2 puzzles from I added in a couple of extras for luck. The Kumiki Airlines puzzle was a big hit with Allard so I couldn't resist and Nigel has been encouraging people to get the Mega six burr for years. Nigel is pretty much always right!

Finally (at least I think that is it) I bought a few from Eric Fuller. He seems to have gone mad for packing puzzles recently which are not really my thing but these seemed interesting:

Two [acking puzzles but with an interesting twist to them - they have sliding panels. Despite the similarity, they were designed by different puzzlers. 

Finally, the Combined burr looks look a 6 piece burr but is an interesting interlocking puzzle with some very interesting pieces.