Sunday 10 June 2018

Big Steve Annoys Mrs S

The Tongue Tied Puzzle
I am sure that you have noticed that Allard's blog has had quite a few references to tongue depressors recently, especially when mentioning Big Steve. It began at an MPP when Steve brought along a very large box of them to make rapid-fire stick bombs using the aforementioned medical implement. After that, a Facebook campaign led by an unusually named Chico Banane has led to a sort of war where boxes and boxes of tongue depressors have arrived chez Steve and annoyed Mrs Steve (Nora).

In fits of giggles, I would recount these tales to Mrs S and she was not amused and definitely took the side of Mrs Steve (an alternative Mrs S?) A week or so ago Steve 3D printed his own tongue depressor puzzle which requires the creation of an interlocked symmetrical shape. Lots of us jumped and asked for a copy and Steve decided to use this as a means of off-loading large numbers of his wooden tongue depressor collection to unsuspecting puzzlers...I think a certain Spanish puzzler received quite a lot!

My copy arrived in a surprisingly large box and Mrs S was very suspicious (she recognised the from address). When I opened the box on arriving home from work I immediately hid the contents:

Nicely packaged?
Later that evening, Mrs S somehow found the package and realised that unnecessary tongue depressors had made it into our house!

The puzzle packed in wooden shock absorbers!
Let's just say she gave me a piece of her mind that lasted quite some time! I cowered in the corner and reassured her that it was not my fault and Big Steve had contrived to do this himself. Now if Big Steve ever meets Mrs S again then a very large man will probably be obliterated by a rather small but extremely violent Scottish woman! It's been nice knowing you, Steve! I'll pay my respects alongside Nora at your funeral and drop the spare tongue depressors on your coffin!