Sunday 6 May 2018

Mrs S is going to murder me!

There has been a bit of an explosion of new toys arriving here recently and she is not happy. I am hoping to survive long enough to play with them and maybe even write them up for you!

Beauties from Brain Menold
I always try to buy something from Brian when he releases a new batch - the woods are gorgeous and when they include puzzles from two of my favourite designers, Christophe Lohe and Laszlo Kmolnar. We have the Soma tube and the Cubic octahedron which is very reminiscent of Steve Strickland's puzzles.

Allard forced me to!
After Allard's write up of the Kopa puzzle from Endo-san, I had to get a copy. Thank heavens the "puzzle pusher" had them in stock!

These look fun!
There had to be a few new cubes - these are MF8's latest designs!