Sunday 27 May 2018

More Twisty Puzzles to Torture Me

Grilles II cube
Having recently had some success with the latest twisty puzzles from MF8, I noticed a few new ones available for purchase. How could I resist? I was feeling full of confidence when I paced the order but on arrival, I am a little less sure. The Grilles II cube is a mix of a corner turning cube (with an overlapping centre piece plus a 3x3. Here is what it looks like after a few turns:

Just a corner turned through two cuts and a face
It is pretty much against the law to order just one twisty puzzle from China so I also bought the latest skewb - this is the 7x7 Professor skewb:

7x7 Professor Skewb
Even without turning it looks fairly horrific but when it turns (both deep and shallow cuts) plus trivial corner tips, it shows off its complexity:

The Professor Skewb feels very unstable and I am not sure whether it is solvable. Just playing about with it has produced quite a few pops of pieces. We will see when I get a chance to properly play with it.