Sunday 12 March 2017

Wire and Wood Arrive Chez Moi

Tronc Commun 3
T Cube
Brian Menold update his site a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't resist another couple of wooden beauties! Having solved and raved about Gregory Benedetti's Tronc Commun 4 and compared it to my prototype version of version 3 I could not resist getting a Menold version of number to match. It is stunning in Wenge and Zebrawood with lovely brass pin reinforcements. Of course I couldn't just buy one puzzle so I added the beautiful looking T cube (designed by Yavuz Demirrhan in Red palm and Bloodwood.

Slant Cube
I missed out on the Slant cube made by Eric Fuller and so when a good friend offered me a new version as well as one of his old puzzles I jumped at the chance.

This is supposed to be very tough!
I am rubbish at symmetry finding puzzles but I also got given one of these - it might take me many months (I know the infamous symmetrick did!).

A nice new batch of wire puzzles arrived from the Far East - thanks to 2 very good friends who worked together to get them for me:

I think I am going to be busy for quite a while! I haven't even dared look at the 3x3 Mixup ultimate that arrived a couple of weeks ago - it frightens me to death!