Sunday 26 February 2017

A Little Flurry of New Toys

Binary Bud
Namick Salakhov sold me a copy of his Binary Bud puzzle. This was his entry into the 2013 IPP design competition. It has several aims which might keep me occupied for quite some time. My initial play has been quite confusing but I have been assured by Goetz that it is a great puzzle.

I had been waiting a while for Wil Strijbos to get a few more JCC puzzles back in stock:

These two are sequential movement puzzles with B-nary having the aim to remove a ball bearing that is trapped inside - it needs a logical N-ary sequence to navigate through to an open channel. There is a little twist to it too! Junc is very similar to the N522 but the top perspex can be removed to allow it to be reconfigured in a few other positions for new challenges. In fact there are 425≅1015 different possible configurations which should keep me occupied for a while. Don't tell Mrs S or she will stop me buying new puzzles until I have worked through them all! If I do one every 5 minutes (very very unlikely) that will take me 1.07 x 1010 years which is more than the probable remaining time the sun will survive!

A new JCC disentanglement - looks fearsome!
The amazing hexagonal coordinate motion box
Now in my last blog post I mentioned getting some new twisty puzzles from Marty's store. They arrived yesterday and I am delighted:

The Crazy Comet is a new design which looks like a Bermudaminx but is much more complex
The Crazy comet was a design by Oskar van Deventer which has been mass produced - it looks tough but apparently has some parallels with other puzzles that I own and can already solve - here's hoping!

The 3x3 Mixup Ultimate
The centre slices do 30ยบ turns and can still be rotated
Plus my stickerless 4x4 and 6x6 cubes arrived and they are fabulous! I have already attempted a layer by layer solve of the 6x6 which proved really tough!