Sunday 21 August 2016

Arrivals Whilst "She" Was Away

Beautiful wooden toys from Brian Menold
Brian had another batch of puzzles up for sale recently - he had made a couple of new puzzles for me in my favourite Holly and Marblewood to add to my series from Laszlo Kmolnar. On the left is Laszlo's latest design called BDSM and there is a beautiful stand for it at the front. Brian also made a copy of the L-I-Vator II in those woods. This means that I can give away my copy made from Ipe and Canarywood is available for me to give away to someone deserving of a nice new packing puzzle. I'll be in touch with someone deserving in the next week or so.....

Huzzles from Hanayama
I couldn't attend the recent IPP in Japan but my good friend Nigel did and managed to acquire for me the latest 3 Hanayama puzzles. They are as beautiful as expected and hopefully will be fun to solve (the reports from others who have them have all been positive).
Cast Diamond
Cast Infinity
Cast Cake
Don't tell Mrs S but there might be some more wire on its' way from China! Whack! Ouch! Damn! she read this post!