Saturday 30 July 2016

Earned a real Whack! Ouch! Today

Pelikan puzzle beauties
Today I received another 2 parcels much to the disgust of the present wife! I had already received a box full of wire disentanglement puzzles from the "puzzle pusher" which Mrs S was not happy about because I then proceeded to jingle for an evening! I got back from the gym to a little pile of boxes and she wasn't happy! The first box contained WOOD glorious wood! Jakub had offered for me to buy his latest series of lovelies a little before they were released on his website. The workmanship and finish is absolutely stunning (he is up there with the very best in the world for quality) and even Mrs S relented and softened a little when she saw the egg and ball puzzles! From back left clockwise:
Wide Portico, Trirods ball extra, Egg, Portillon, Aqueduc, Pontoon and Etrier.

I met Carl Hoff at the London IPP and was staggered at the twisty designs he had produced with Shapeways. I am really delighted that he and Calvin Fan have been able to mass produce 2 of his corner turning cuboids. These are the Bubbloid 554 and Bubbloid 445. This will be a lot of fun to play with. I bought my copies from my good friend Martin Fox who after being made redundant after many years picked himself up and opened his own puzzle store. He offers great prices and great customer service - I have decided to always buy my twisties from him. You should too!