Saturday 7 June 2014

Mrs S loses the plot!

Bill Cutler's 66 piece cube - gorgeous!
Bill Cutler's 66 piece cube is one of the most epic pieces of puzzle design and manufacturing ever. The originals were made in small numbers for Bill by Jerry McFarland and another very small run was made by Josef Pelikan's workshop. A year ago I managed to acquire a copy of Josef's and hence did not buy the copy that Eric Fuller recently produced. I have been too frightend to do it since then and have only been spurred on by Allard's recent review.

Mine was really really tight and took me a week to just get the outer frame apart! I sort of got side-tracked by Wil's egg puzzle. Today I finally finished dismantling it:

OMG! Now what?
When I wondered aloud how I was ever going to put it back together, the present Mrs S suggested an alternative solution! Noooooooo!

Mrs S finally loses the plot!