Thursday 26 June 2014

An ilicit puzzle

Loads a bits!
Sorry there's been no updates for a while - I've actually been on leave and managed to catch man flu - not much puzzling has been done for a week!
At the last MPP I received a delivery from Shapeways - A friend of mine and myself secretly took the Ternary burr design by Goh pit Khiam and sort of "extended it". We ended up with a rather attractive collection of plastic pieces and I had to take my copy of Ternary burr and put it together - I ended up quite quickly with this:

Eric's version
Shapeways creation
Spot the difference?
Yep - it seems to have some extra bits!!! Instead of 83 moves to put the keys back in place it requires nearly 1500 moves - it took me an hour!

How awesome is that?