Sunday 23 December 2018

If The Deliveries Continue She's Going To Murder Me!

It's not my fault! The compulsion is beyond my control! In fact, the beautiful puzzle above wasn't bought by me. Jakub and Jaroslav of Pelikan puzzles make a small run of a puzzle to give away to people who have helped them or been good friends over the previous year. The Aracna looks like 12 piece burr but in reality is a 13 piece puzzle because there is a rather cute spider-shaped piece inside. It was designed by the amazing Alfons Eyckmans and this version is made from Walnut with a Wenge spider inside. Hopefully, I will have time over Xmas to play with it (unfortunately I am working both Xmas eve and Xmas day this year 😢).

Six face
I received a couple more beauties from the Published Professor of Wood, Brian Menold. I have not bought many interlocking puzzles or burrs and have focussed on some packing puzzles recently but decided that I am rubbish at packing so fixed the situation here. Summer is a caged 3 piece puzzle designed by Klaas Jan Damstra and Six face is a variant on a TIC from Andrew Crowell - fabulous woods and fabulous workmanship.

K36 - #12
I couldn't resist it! This is the K36 from Kim Klobucher - a full N-ary puzzle with 36 moves. It's my 3rd Kcube! Just as beautiful as ever!