Sunday 5 February 2017

A bountiful week!

This week saw the arrival of a nice big package from Tomas Linden's Sloyd store. I couldn't resist ordering the puzzles that Mike D reviewed for me last week and of course couldn't stop at buying just 2 or 3.....I got lots!!!! Blush! Mrs S is not pleased to see jingly puzzles - I expect to be showing off some new bruises and laser burning stares!

Old Man's Desire
Russian Heart
Ring Bottle - looks N-ary

Spider Web
4 Bague

The Glasses
Mini Wire 11
Mini Wire 10

A gift from Tomas - no idea what it is!
Mini Wire 16
Reviews for these will be coming soon.

Let me first of all say that Mike's description of Russian heart as:
"quite a few notches lower on the difficulty scale"
"I think the average puzzler should be able to solve Russian Heart in a modest amount of time"
Lets just say that I disagree with Mike....I have singularly failed at it all week!

Shane was up to new tricks too. He made a classic puzzle but gave it a new twist - this is called Laurie's puzzle after my good friend Laurie Brokenshire:

Shane doesn't do interlocking puzzles but I think he should - it is beautifully made!