Sunday 15 January 2017

Extra N-ary Madness & a Pelikan/Coffin Special

The Merry-go-round
Jack Krijnen offered an amasing new N-ary puzzle which was a variant of his Power tower which made it to number 6 in the 2015 best of list. This time he allowed puzzlers to choose the pieces they got in the set. Mine consists of ternary, quaternary and quinary pieces. I could have gone even higher order like Allard but figured that my poor little brain doesn't have the staying power! Jack even produced a nice little storage box:

Mrs S will be pleased that they store easily!
Just before the horrible virus hit me, I received a fantastic gift from Jakub of Pelikan puzzles in thanks for the writing I have done for his website. He sent me another of his fabulous turned ball puzzles. This one is the Involute ball:

This is perfect for going on show in the living room with the rest of my turned collection from him. I thought I would show you the puzzle it is based on - this is the original Coffin cube version which I bought from Brian Menold many years ago: