Sunday 15 May 2016

My Burr Backlog is Beautiful and Bountiful

Having shown of the fabulous new burrs that I got from Stephan Baumegger's Puzzleisure store, I was embarrassed to receive yet more gorgeousness from both Eric Fuller and Jakub Dvořák.

When Jakub comes out with something new, I HAVE to have it and this time he produced the Superman burr (it should be up for sale on his site very soon).

I now have a pair of superheroes - none of which I have beaten yet!

When Eric's stuff came out I was at my Mum's flat clearing out a lifetime's worth of junk and feeling a bit low. Mrs S actually encouraged me to cheer myself up by buying a new toy. So I bought 2!!!

First up was the 2 Burrs in a basket - find a way to remove the burr pieces (boards and sticks) from the basket and then combine them in 2, 6 piece burrs!

I also couldn't resist a second one - the Padlock Burr! Obviously I need to remove the shackle (as well as all the other pieces).