Sunday 20 September 2015

An Update on the State of the Study/Cave/Hole

The study had got into such a state that I really had no option other than to tidy it up. I was at the point where I couldn't actually find anything any more and also had no desk to work on! So on pain of death and dismemberment (remember "she" is Scottish!) I was forced to tidy up and reorganise things. I am actually quite happy with the end result but who knows how long it will last!

Facing me we have the biggest section - with shelves devoted to Brian Young, Vinco, Brian Menold, Eric Fuller and Alfons Eyckmans. The bottom (on the desk) is assorted N-ary puzzles:

Front Left
Also facing me and above my computer are my metal and glass puzzles and above them assorted rare and special puzzles with the top shelf devoted to Brian Young:

Front - main section
On the left hand side are assorted puzzles including my revomazes (note the Opening bat on the desk):

Left side

Right side of the desk I have had to pack in my interlocking cubes (from Bernhard Schweitzer) very tightly and also have a display of my printed plastic and bespoke twisty puzzles:

A little space left here!
Behind me at the doorway to the study I have shelves devoted to Stephan Baumegger, Yavuz Demirrhan and Jakub Dvorak (Pelikan):

Aren't they gorgeous?
The desk now has only the puzzles I am playing with and my small Bosch collection. There's also a fun toy from Johan Heyns, Marcus Allred and Jose Diaz.

Wire puzzles being struggled with
Bosch collection
In a cupboard are my twisties - stuffed in tight but a little space for a few more I think!

See a tiny bit more room here?

Moving into the living room I have puzzles from Brian Menold, Jerry McFarland, Scott Peterson, Eric Fuller and Stephan Baumegger on show on a lamp table:

Beauties with light shining on them!
The other lamp table has more loveliness from Eric Fuller, Brian Menold, Marcus Allred and our very own Stickboy (Neil Hutchinson).

These puzzles are just Odd!
The coffee table is unchanged with my caged burrs from Maurice Vigouroux and my K-cubes:

Don't tell Mrs S but a new area has been taken over - we have a wicker box in the living room and I have a few special burrs on it:

Look at all that space!
Finally the dining room has my Hales puzzle collection alongside the bigger puzzles I own (these are Stickman puzzles, Bill Cutler's hexagonal porcupine, Katie Koala partially solved and 2 beauties from Johan Heyns as well as my new burr set from Master Wu in Taiwan.

Some of the most precious puzzles I own