Saturday 22 August 2015

I've Been Spammed!

A small gift from Steve Miller
Steve Miller of Pyro puzzles sent me some puzzling spam last week. I thought it was just a joke referring to the way I show off my new puzzles on the Puzzle Photography facebook group. Every time I upload photos there I tell everyone that I am spamming them (after a little disagreement with a former member). When I opened the box I was surprised to see that it really was spam! On opening the tin, it proved to really be spam inside although judging from the smell a bit laser burned!

He says it really is spam!
I prudently decided against upending the tin and emptying it all out! This is just as well because it is a Packing puzzle that would challenge even the most ardent of packing fans:

Holy Spam! There's actually a layer still left in the bottom of the tin!
Imagine having all those pieces mixed up in a heap! Nightmare! Thanks Steve!

It did actually take me quite some time to put them back in the tin! I had to use a pair of surgical fine toothed forceps to do it!