Saturday 13 June 2015

The best week of deliveries EVER!

Butterfly Lock Box
Just today I got a delivery from the main man! Wil Strijbos finally finished and sent out the Butterfly Lock Box aka "Pleasure and Pain" - it is stunning and VERY heavy! It also arrived in a lovely packaging:

Butterfly box outside the butterfly lock box!
Also in that package was a Ying Yang 69 puzzle designed by Ayi Liu and now mass produced by Wil. I failed to solve it at last years IPP/MPP:

More fabulous packaging!
Earlier in the week a friend of mine (Johan Heyns) made and sent me something I have been drooling over for years. The Really bent board burr designed by Derek Bosch. I borrowed the original made by Tom Lensch and again failed to solve it after 3 months - here's hoping I can manage it this time.

The really bent board burr - it is truly gorgeous!
Johan also included a coordinate motion puzzle with a stand and a Stuart Coffin Interlocking cube. Both are stunningly well made:

He also included one of his beautifully made classic Buttonhole puzzles:

Just look at the woods in that!
Embarrassingly that wasn't it! The same day as the delivery from Johan I also received a big bundle of disentanglement puzzles from Tomas Linden of Sloyd - these will keep me going a while as they are the toughest I could find!

Expect reviews in the coming weeks
Last weekend I received a new hand modded twisty puzzle from Gr_cubed in Greece. This is an AI megamorphix puzzle and will be quite a challenge. The workmanship is as good as any in my collection:

4x4 AI Megamorphix puzzle - a VERY tough challenge!
I appear to have quite a big backlog of puzzles to solve!!! There might still be more on their way but please don't tell Mrs S!