Sunday 22 March 2015

She made me clean the shithole!

 The shithole - it was out of control!
Houston! I had a problem! Some time ago I bemoaned that I couldn't give you photos of the current state of my collection because my study was in a state of disarray - Yep! It was a shithole! Yesterday the present Mrs S had had enough and she finally forced me to spend a day reorganising, cleaning and dusting everything. The process involved chucking out all my old journals (I have them all in pdf form anyway), putting my fiction into storage in the garage (in sealed boxes) and double shelving my popular science and maths books. This provided me with 2 extra deep shelves for my extensive Pelikan and Baumegger collections (and maybe a couple of others mixed in).

A very extensive Pelikan collection and a few Baumegger puzzles too - but still space for more!
My other shelves were able to be reorganised to keep the puzzles by Alfons Eyckmans, Eric Fuller, Brian Menold, Vinco and Brian Young grouped together:

I still have a little room for more!
How beautiful is that?
I also have a few extras along the sides!

An assortment!
More wood & bespoke twisties and specials from Derek!
 I have strayed out of my study for the really beautiful puzzles - I have to get individual permission for each one that I want to put in the living room!

On a lamp table!
On a sideboard
The coffee table has some real beauties!

And yes! I have even strayed into the dining room too! The extra large puzzles (which luckily look gorgeous) have been allowed onto the Sideboard! As you can see Katie Koala has had her ears ripped off but I am still stuck at the moment!

Poor Katie has been in a fight!
My packing puzzles, Hanayama's and disentanglements are elsewhere in the house packed into a chest of drawers. I still seem to have plenty of room for more puzzles after my reorganisation! Yay!!!