Sunday 16 March 2014

More loveliness from Traiphum

Master skewb tetrahedron
When Traiphum showed this on his Facebook page I knew I had to have one. He has taken a Master skewb which is an absolutely phenomenal corner turning cubic puzzle and turned it into a tetrahedron. This really makes it a mindblowing puzzle to solve. As usual with all of Traiphum's work it is absolutely perfect!

Can you see the similarity? No? Me neither!
That's why it will be tough to solve
On the left is a Jing's Pyraminx.
Traiphum's puzzle is effectively a 'master' version of that - fiendish!

Call me a sucker - yes I heard you! I know I am a sucker - at least for Traiphum puzzles - here's my current collection - it is only a fraction of that owned by Dan Fast (aka CrazyBadCuber) but I intend to get more!

Traiphum lovelies!
Notice the fiendishly difficult 1x1 tetrahedron and the 0x0 next to it!